Proma Group

About Us

We act as a leader company in the production of components for the automotive sector. The firm is specialized in the development and fabrication of seat structures and mechanisms, body assemblies and front end suspension crossbeams.

We develop and manufacture products with a high technological content, leveraging our market long experience and capacity for innovation. Proma intellectual property counts more than 30 international patents.

We work incessantly to create high-performance and light weight solutions for our products and so contributing to general vehicle carbon emissions reduction.

We support our customers also offering worldwide "proximity logistics" service, by locating our plants and good distribution centers as close as to customer delivery point. This approach significantly reduces delivery times and logistics costs in addition to a service reliability increase.

Our History

  • 1980

    First metal stamped parts for automotive industry in South of Italy (Caserta)

  • 1992

    Proma widens client and product portfolio (car jack production consolidation and first seat structures manufacturing)

  • 1995

    First overseas plant in Casablanca

  • 1998

    Door, hood and liftgate hings manufacturing starts

  • 2001

    Acquisitions of southern Italy plants of Lear Corporation for metal structures manufacturing (Pozzilli and Melfi plants)

  • 2001

    Manufacturing operations starts in Spain (Zaragoza) France and Poland (Tychy)

  • 2007

    Opening of a R&D centre

  • 2008

    Start of spare tire jack product line

  • 2010

    Operations start of crash management system with proprietary patents in EMGA region

  • 2010

    JV with work American based automotive partner

  • 2011

    Start of suspension beam product line

  • 2011

    Opening of assembly plant in Serbia (Kragujevac) in partnership with Magneto Group (PMC Automotive Serbia)

  • 2012

    Proma start up its first plant in South America (Brasil- Minas Gerais) and Mexico (JV)

  • 2016

    Enlarging of South American operations with plants in Juathuba (Minas Gerais) - Pernambuco

  • 2017

    Opening of Proma Cordoba plant in Argentina

  • 2017

    Start up of seat manufacturing plant for a major OEM german customer in Poland

  • 2018

    Business expansion with a major french OEM in EMEA region

  • 2019

    Start up of second plant in Morocco

  • 2021

    Start up second plant in Poland (Zory); Assembly & e-coating

  • 2022

    Start up of North America Operation in San Miguel de Allende plant (Mexico)


Proma is pointing all its associates as central to its growing path. We value human resource competences and carrier development as crucial to appropriately and successfully face today and future market challenges. This approach is providing a real added value as it is granting a long-term sustainable competitive advantage. Continuous training and motivation are playing key roles to consolidate a work force with low turnover rate and a large young base.

Leadership, teamwork, initiative, professionalism and commitment are the main values which drive us through the very competitive market challenges.


Within Proma we operate with an authentic desire of cooperating and sharing new ideas among all associates. In everyday activity the commitment and determination of anybody in the Group lead to achieving the overall targets.


Working within Proma promotes and stimulates individuals with dynamic and flexible mental attitude. We value people with the ability of generating new ideas and experiencing new solutions which allow real product and process innovation.

Leadership And Professionalism

A true convincement for us it that every single associate work is contributing to the overall Group success; therefore we are continuing investing in staff training to improve personal skills and leadership.


Automotive is a tough business demanding strong efforts for any competitors to challenge it. This highly competitive environment is requiring high end individual performances with a strong personal commitment.